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Publications and Presentations

Virginia Winter has given lectures, conducted workshops, published articles, guidebooks, and training curricula in the field of organization development and strategic environmental management:


  • "Effective Organizational Change in EMS Development and Implementation," Plenary Address at the Conference Environmental Engineering in the Food Processing Industry, Monterey, CA, March 2004.

  • “Improving Environmental and Business Leadership Skills: Using the Process of Strategic Dialogue," Training curriculum initially offered at the EnvironDesign6 in Seattle, WA, April 2002.

  • Milliman, Grosskopf and Winter, "Corporate Environmental Strategy: Building Environmental Business and Leadership Skills Through Dialogue," Corporate Environmental Strategy: International Journal for Sustainable Business, Vol. 8, Issue 3, September 2001.

  • Organizational Readiness Index (ORI), a copyrighted environmental management cultural assessment tool, 1999.

  • “ISO 14000 and Organizational Readiness” Rocky Mountain Environmental Marketplace News, May 1997.

  • “Standards Implementation: Managing the Human Side of Change” CEEM Integrated Management Systems Update, May 1996.