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Areas of Expertise:

  • Leadership and Innovation for Sustainability

  • Organizational Learning and Change

  • Team Development

  • Board Governance

  • Executive Coaching

  • Environmental and Social Responsibility

  • Management Systems

  • Conflict Management and Negotiation

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Process Facilitation

  • Strategic Planning


Equinox Consultancy applies for carbon-offsets when projects require considerable air travel.

The Equinox Approach

Portfolio expertise can be applied to
the following service areas:


Equinox provides both temporary assistance and long-term support. With a spirit of open communication, we'll help you clarify results objectives, consider alternatives, take authentic action, and build internal capacity to manage similar issues in the future.



Equinox provides leadership skills and work techniques that help your team or organization achieve its goals effectively. First, we listen closely to your request and assist you in clarifying outcome objectives. Next, we design agendas or programs that match your desired outcome, and complete the project by professionally facilitating meetings to achieve results.



Equinox partners with your organization to create a customized training program using a four-step approach:

  • Define learning objectives;

  • Design lesson plans;

  • Deliver the program;

  • Determine if results match objectives.